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Common Misconceptions About Replacement Windows in Gilbert, AZ

replacement windows in Gilbert, AZ

When we talk to clients considering replacement windows in Gilbert, AZ, we’re often surprised by what’s holding them back. Many people have had rough experiences with contractors before and are hesitant to take on another big project, even if new windows could benefit their house. That’s why we put together this article, to dispel some of the most common misconceptions about window replacement we hear at Capstone Windows & Doors.

Misconception #1 – Window Replacements Are a Cosmetic Job

While new windows can make an enormous difference in how your house looks, they’ll affect far more than just cosmetic elements. Many of our clients are surprised to find out that replacement windows can lower their energy bill and make their home more energy-efficient. This is because new, better-fitting windows keep air from the outside from getting in, reducing the need for high air conditioning and heat during extreme weather.

Misconception #2 – Window Installations Are a Major Job

Many of our clients worry about the length of the job, not wanting major construction to go on in their home while they’re there. The good news is, our professional team is experienced in installing windows in a hurry while causing minimal disruption to your life. We can accomplish most window installations in only two visits, one to assess the frame and one to install the windows and clean up any debris from the installation.

Misconception #3 – Windows Need to Be Replaced Often

This one might be true – if you’re having new wood or vinyl windows installed. The environment can wreak havoc on these, as extreme temperature shifts or moisture can cause the windows to warp or expand. But that’s not the case with our unique fiberglass windows, which are highly durable and will stay solid in extreme temperatures. If your window frame is solid, our fiberglass windows can easily last years with no repairs needed.

Misconception #4 – Windows Require Regular Maintenance

Again, this one could be true, but not when you experience the fiberglass difference. Standard wood windows are usually painted, varnished, or both and require regular touch-ups to keep them looking smooth and special cleaning if any foreign substances get on them to keep them from staining. Fiberglass windows, however, only require a brief dusting or a wipe with a wet cloth to keep them looking spotless for years.

Misconception #5 – All Window-Installation Companies Are the Samemarvin replacement windows

When you look through the guides for window-replacement companies, you’ll see a lot of names competing for your dollars. But at Capstone Windows & Doors, we take our responsibility to your home seriously and that’s why we hold ourselves to a different standard. Every step of the process is done by an expert window specialist, and the installation is supervised by our company owner to make sure the windows fit with our high standards for quality.

With these misconceptions dispelled, we hope you’ll make us your choice for replacement windows in Gilbert, AZ. Contact Capstone Windows & Doors to set up an in-home consultation today.

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