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Can Replacement Windows in Phoenix, AZ Benefit the Environment?

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

We live in a society that’s increasingly trying to make eco-friendly choices in every area of our lives. That extends to the way we build our home, which is why clients seeking replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ often ask us about the environmental impact of our windows. At Capstone Windows & Doors, we work to meet our clients’ concerns, so here are some key ways that our replacement windows can make your home a more eco-friendly place.

Better Energy Efficiency

The biggest way our windows and replacement doors can lower your carbon footprint will also lower your energy bills. A lot of energy is wasted when windows aren’t airtight and cold air gets in during the winter and hot air gets in during the summer. Our windows’ airtight seal is perfect for keeping your heat and air conditioning exactly where they belong, so you’ll use less energy and save money long-term with a window makeover.

Lower Maintenance

Every purchase matters in helping the environment, so choosing a window that requires minimal maintenance has an impact. Our fiberglass windows don’t need to be painted or varnished thanks to their built-in color varieties and only require occasional wipe-downs with a wet paper towel to remove dust and any stains or spills. You won’t need to use the paint, chemicals, and aerosol cleaning products that are common with old wooden windows with a lot of wear and tear.

Greater Durability

The biggest contributor to our landfill is excess plastic and disposable materials, and many of the cheap vinyl window kits aren’t designed to last. Sure, they might be tempting on sale, but you’ll be installing a new set every few years and the old set goes straight to the dump. That’s a lot of wasted plastic and packaging. With a set of custom-designed fiberglass windows, you’ll get many years out of them and save money and the environment with a single purchase.

Better Light Exposure

This is another element that can save you money, benefit your home, and boost the environment simultaneously. By adding more light exposure to your home, you’ll replace powered lights with natural light and lower your electricity bills with no reduction in the brightness of your home. If you have multiple exposures, you might be able to set up some solar-powered lighting and eliminate part of your power bill thanks to your new windows.

Single-Point Purchasereplacement windows

Have you ever tried to get a new feature installed in your home and found yourself juggling multiple contractors and businesses? Not when you get our replacement windows installed, because we handle everything from the consultation to the installation. That minimizes the travel costs, cutting down on the number of people on the road at one time, and you get the benefit of experienced professionals handling your window installation.

Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ have the power to transform your home to be more eco-friendly. It all starts with a call to Capstone Windows & Doors to set up a free consultation with our window experts today.

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