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Tips for Maintaining Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Getting replacement windows for your home is something that can take time and that can be stressful, so you want to be able to know that the windows will last a substantial amount of time. This means taking the time to maintain them. That is important to do and there are some things that you can do to maintain the windows. Here are the tips that providers of replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ want you to remember.

You want to keep the frames in good working condition and that means that you need to check them in a regular manner. You need to keep them free of debris and dust, since that can accumulate and cause issues. You also need to be certain that if you need to clean them, you use only mild soap and water and that you wipe them dry after you are done. If the frames are made of wood, this is particularly important. You want to be certain that the water does not damage the wood and drying them carefully is crucial.

Another thing that you need to remember is that the glass panes that make part of the window are also vital. You need to keep them looking their best and you need to keep them from getting scratched by debris or dirt. When cleaning the glass, remember never to use anything that is abrasive to remove dirt, since this can scratch the surface. You want to also remember not to clean window panes in direct sunlight. Always wipe the panes dry, too, to avoid stains.

The window sill and tracks are also crucial to how long your windows last. You want to monitor them for debris, especially things like leaves, which can rot and cause rust to form. If you see some water in the sill, that is normal, but if you see that it remains there for a long time, this can mean that there is a blockage in the drainage and you want to be sure to address that. Water that remains in place like that for too long can cause rot and other damage, many times forcing you to get the frame replaced, which can be costly.

replacement windows Phoenix AZ

All of these tips can help you maintain the replacement windows you have had installed. The last thing you want to have to worry about is having to think about replacing them again, so keeping them in good condition can help you avoid this. Inspect the windows in a regular manner to catch any damage before it gets worse. You want to keep the frames clean and the panes of glass dry to avoid issues. If you want to know more about how to maintain replacement windows, you can turn to a Phoenix, AZ replacement window provider like us at SI Windows – Phoenix. Our team is here to ensure that you get the best options for your home and for your budget. You can learn more by giving us a call right now or by visiting our location to speak with an expert.

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