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How to Pick the Perfect Replacement Windows in Phoenix, AZ

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

There’s no better time to upgrade your house with some stylish replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, and you’ll be spoiled for choices. At Capstone Windows & Doors, we offer one of the biggest selections of window styles in the greater Phoenix area, all in our durable and versatile fiberglass construction. In this article, we’ll look at the factors that determine what type of windows are best for your house.

1. Location

location 200x300

Your house has many exposures, ranging from large windows in common areas designed to give you a view of the street or patio to smaller windows intended to let light into areas like the bedroom or bathroom. Depending on how much of the wall you want exposed, it’ll be easier to know whether a sliding window, a hanging window, or a portal window is the best bet. We can install multiple styles in the same job if you’re looking for a full house makeover.

2. Air Exposure

air exposure 300x200Our windows open in different ways to let different levels of outside air in, and some aren’t designed to open at all. That’s because windows serve two functions – air exposure and light exposure. Do you want a healthy breeze blowing through the room, or are you looking for light without the added ventilation? Picture windows are the best choice for decorative windows you’re not planning to open regularly or at all.

3. Privacy

privacy 225x300Our windows range from small picture windows to wall-length sliding replacement doors, and which is right for a certain room depends on how much you want to be visible to the outside world. Most of our clients pick smaller windows with frames that offer a bit more privacy for front-facing exposures in the living room. However, back access points to the patio are ideal for greater exposure that gives you a great view of the backyard vista.

4. Direction

direction 200x300This is a key one for the bedroom that will be determined by which direction you’re facing when the sun rises. If you have a window in the direction of the sun, the odds are good that the sun will wake you up before your alarm clock does. A wider window may be ideal for a bedroom in a different direction, but if you want light exposure in a room facing the morning sun, a heavy curtain for protection is ideal.

5. Aesthetics

aesthetics 200x300The most important factor for picking the right window for your house is simple – what do you want your house to look like? If you’re looking for more traditional windows, we have a wide selection of horizontal and vertical models. If you’re looking for more modern models, our custom windows program can create a unique look for your home. The window world is open to you, and we’ve created hundreds of replacement windows, none the same as the last.

If you want more information on options for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call today. Capstone Windows & Doors is looking forward to beginning your consultation.

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