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Popular Styles for Replacement Windows in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ replacement windows

At Capstone Windows & Doors, our clients know that they’re getting the best-quality replacement windows in Scottsdale, AZ. That’s because our durable windows are made from high-quality Ultrex Fiberglass, and are installed by skilled technicians under the oversight of our management. In this article, we’ll look at five of our most popular window models and where they best fit into your house for the maximum effect, and how we can transform your home with them.

Sliding Windows

Our most popular window model are these smooth rolling models that operate horizontally and are ideal for almost every large window. Designed to give your home maximum air and light exposure in good weather, sliding windows are easy to open with a slight push but have a tight seal that keeps them durable and energy-efficient. They won’t pick up the sand that causes other roller windows to get stuck after years, making them an affordable and all-purpose choice.

Hanging Windows

A strong vertical window ideal for bedrooms where you want to push up the window in the morning without straining, these double-hang windows are an upgrade from the traditional push-windows. Both the top and bottom panels easily push up or down, and they can tilt in for easy cleaning. These are among our smoothest and most popular options, and they come in many styles perfect for any home with vertical-focused windows.

Casement Windows

A solid, one-piece window ideal for rooms where you want more air and light exposure, these windows don’t have any meeting rail which eliminates the risk of getting stuck. They’re designed to crank open and close in a single piece and come with an awning that won’t block your view but keeps you safe from the element. They come in multiple styles and come with an interior screen to filter out bugs while letting the fresh air in.

Picture Windows

Ideal for those rooms where you want extra light but don’t want the extra air exposure, our picture windows are a perfect choice for solid glass coverage. With a slight frame that won’t be obvious when you look out the window, this is a popular choice for windows facing the backyard or the pool where you want the best possible view. These come in many sizes, making them perfect for turning your backyard into a personal vista of nearby landscapes.

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Custom Windows

Do you have a unique idea for a window that doesn’t fit into one of our standard options? Whether you want a skylight, a uniquely-shaped bathroom window, or something completely different, our team has a selection of dozens of geometric shapes perfect for almost any need. A visit to our showroom will make it easy to find the perfect choice, and our installation team will create an airtight seal for your home.

If any of these Scottsdale, AZ replacement windows are right for you, the first step is to set up a consultation with our team. Contact Capstone Windows & Doors to start the process today.

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